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New Launch: Capibiome



CODIF have launched a new active ingredient, Capibiome, specially formulated to help with scalp health, focusing on dandruff. Dandruff is a benign condition which affects about 45% of the population.

Until recently, everyone was agreed that the yeast Malassezia, the dominant flora on the scalp, was responsible for dandruff. However, recent works show that dandruff is more specifically associated with an imbalance in the entire microbiota, involving both the bacteriobiota and the mycobiota.

Thanks to an elaborate composition of marine amino acids, marine sugars, and marine exopolysaccharide, CAPIBIOME promotes rebalancing of bacteriobiota and mycobiota populations. Tested on volunteers, it decreases dandruff and its causes, soothes dry and irritated scalp.

After 2 weeks treatment, there is an average reduction in dandruff of -38%.

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