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Taking Care Of Your Skin During A Pandemic



We’re used to working and formulating with face masks but we’re not as familiar with the ones that have formed part of our new way of life. 

Whilst masks protect you and others they also have a side effect to those wearing them; irritations, dryness & breakouts across the face. 

We’ve highlighted some key ingredients below which will help combat the side effects of wearing face masks. 

Lipoid Kosmetik: Herbasol Pro Range

Cranberry Pro

With Cranberry Pro, Lipoid Kosmetik presents a novel cosmetic tool that targets cutaneous biofilms. Cranberry Pro has anti-adhesive and anti-biofilm forming activity but is non-biocidal. 

Cranberry Pro can be used as a stand-alone active ingredient to control cutaneous biofilms, or in combination to support antimicrobial agents.

Blackcurrant Pro
Blackcurrant is a rich source of polyphenolic compounds and is among the most commonly used agents in traditional herbal medicine. Besides this anecdotal usage, modern laboratories have persuasively demonstrated the potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects of Blackcurrant constituents.

The Blackcurrant fruits offer a wealth of nutrients; in particular, the anthocyanins are known to suppress inflammation responses and, thereby, contribute fundamentally to human health.

Mulberry Pro
Black Mulberry contains a high content and diverse blend of phytochemicals such as polyphenols and flavonoids. These compounds have pronounced anti-inflammatory effects, partially due to the inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Interestingly, the total amount of flavonoids is markedly higher in the Black Mulberry compared to other varieties, such as the White or Red Mulberry, and several other plant species.

CODIF: Marine Based Ingredients

Earth Marine Water
Earth Marine Water is a unique type of water, exceptionally rich in minerals, drawn from a preserved natural environment. 
Found on the French island of Noirmoutier, the seawater is filtered through several geological layers. 

Earth Marine water is found to remineralise, revitalise, refine and refresh the complexion, reducing the number of pores and providing a “rosy” effect and radiant skin tone. 

EPS Seapur
EPS Seapur is 100% pure and natural marine postbiotic. A compound produced by bacteria which can take care of the bacterial ecosystem. 
It boasts benefits which include the ability to purify and rebalance the skin, decrease the number of legions as well as smoothening and unify the skin texture. 

Wakapamp boasts the following benefits:

  • Within 4 hours dry skin recovers the hydration level of normal skin.
  • Within 2 weeks the luminosity and satin aspect of the skin are significantly increased, without a significant increase in skin shininess. This demonstrates a homogenous improvement of sebum distribution and HLF production on the whole face.
  • Within 2 weeks the suppleness of the skin is significantly improved.

Barnet Ingredients

Albastim is an optimised complex containing three elements: safflower seed and sunflower obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction, and a lipidic fraction of the chloroplasts of mulberry leaves obtained by squalane extraction.

Albastim has been designed to improve the skin’s appearance in both short term and long term. With ongoing use, damaged skin is repaired and further damage reduced. 

Phytofix-EC is a unique and optimised blend solubilised in Squalane containing soluble sphingolipids, triglycerides and sterols to mimic the structure of the skin’s membrane. Phytofix-EC contains active fractions from Barley, Sunflower and Cucumber.

Phytofix-EC has been tested at 1% on 20 subjects for 3 weeks to: Reduce lines and wrinkles by 60%, Reduce flakiness by 45%, Increase moisturisation by 40%, Improve skin clarity by 45%. Overall improvement in the skin was about 80%.

Chloroplastim is an optimized complex of active fractions. It is composed of the chloroplast of Alfalfa, lipids from olives and hydrocarbons from coconut oil.

After 10 days of treatment with 1% Squalene, 1% Hyaluronic Acid or 1% Chloroplastim, the skin is hydrated. During the next 10 days, no treatment was administered. The skin treated with 1% HA or with 1% Squalene are no longer hydrated, while the skin treated with 1% Chloroplastim is still hydrated.