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Looking After Your Microbiome



We all know how important it is to look after and protect our skin microbiome to keep it as healthy as possible. We have a range of ingredients that can help target the skin microbiome, which can be used in a variety of different formulations. 

Below we’ve highlighted our top picks of ingredients to help restore the microbiome.  

Actibiome – CODIF
Actibiome is an active with a varied and balanced composition which strengthens and rebalances the biodiversity of cutaneous flora to eliminate redness and blemishes.

Actibiome has been proven to restore the balance of microbiota after 1 week’s use.

A recent study has shown that Actibiome rebalances the pH of the skin affected by a change in microbiota and reduces diffuse redness resulting from inflammation.
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Aurafirm P & N – Oat Cosmetics
Aurafirm is a range of natural Oat fermented actives which improve skin health and boost cell turnover.

Aurafirm P – An active fermented Oat cream. A Lactobacilli fermented natural Oat active that supports and accelerates the recovery of the skin microbiome
Aurafirm N – An active fermented Oat liquid. A Lactobacilli fermented natural Oat active that improves the complexion radiance whilst firming and replumping the skin.
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Biofense – Barnet
BioFense is a solution of fragments (Peptidoglycan (PTG) and Lipotechoic Acid (LTA) of fermented Lactobacillus.

Fermented lactobacillus triggers the synthesis of an anti-microbial peptide called β-defensin 2. This peptide creates holes in the membrane of pathogenic bacteria so they leak out. Biofense was tested at 1.00% and 5.00% in vivo to reduce acne lesions in 5 days. 
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Capibiome – CODIF

Capibiome has been developed to:

1. Soothe sensitive and irritated scalp.
It contains lavender floral water which can activate the release of soothing molecules – beta-endorphins. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties: 30% protection against the release of inflammatory mediator PGE2.

2. Rebalance the bacterial ecosystem and the population of Malassezia.
First of all, it contains an exopolysaccharide known for optimising communication between micro-organisms. Then amino acids of marine origin including lysine, which has a beneficial effect on the bacterial microbiome to restore the health of the scalp.
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Cranberry Pro – Lipoid Kosmetik

With Cranberry Pro, Lipoid Kosmetik presents a novel cosmetic tool that targets cutaneous biofilms. Cranberry Pro has anti-adhesive and anti-biofilm forming activity but is non-biocidal. It selectively represses biofilm formation of disadvantageous microorganisms, while promoting beneficial microorganisms in biofilms. Thereby, Cranberry Pro controls biofilms naturally. 
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