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New Active Ingredient: Yogurtolin



Yoghurt, as a probiotic food, is a success story, well known to consumers – it is healthy, nutritious and tasty. Lipoid Kosmetik has rediscovered yoghurt’s beneficial properties and associations for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is often characterised by an imbalanced skin microbiome and a weak physical barrier. Furthermore, dry and sensitive skin often appears irritated, rough and tends to redden. Lipoid Kosmetik’s Yogurtolin® shows the following properties: 

•   Prebiotic functionality
•   Strengthening and regeneration of the skin barrier
•   Calming and soothing of sensitive skin
•   Instant sensation of skin refreshment

Taken altogether, yoghurt itself already triggers positive consumer associations. This is the perfect starting point for cosmetic concepts. The new active ingredient Yogurtolin® is a powerful prebiotic yoghurt concentrate derived from Swiss milk. It is perfectly suited for sensitive skincare, in order to restore the microbial and physical skin barrier, and soothe and refresh irritated skin.