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EPS White: New Data



As part of CODIF’s celebrations for the 10th anniversary of their EPS range, we’re pleased to present their new EPS White data. You can find more information and the EPS White video below. 

EPS WHITE: Melanoregulator – Exposome Protection

Obtained from hybridisation of two marine ExoPolySaccharides produced by two micro-organisms isolated from the Aber Wrac’h and Aber Benoit (Brittany, France), EPS WHITE is the first marine EPS to be described with 2 hydrophobic amino acids.

EPS WHITE slows down melanin synthesis by reducing inflammatory mediators activated by exposome. Thanks to its unique glyco-vesicle structure which allows it to act in the deep layers of the skin, it is able to bind to the receptors of the pigmentary synapse to limit the transfer of melanin.


  • Reduces the pigmentation of the epidermis by -88%
  • Reduces the size and number of dark spots
  • Homogenizes the complexion