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Lipoid Kosmetik – New Substantiated Extract: Water Lily Pro



Water lilies are a highly sustainable and endurable plant that symbolises beauty, purity and resurrection, making it the perfect ingredient for various water-based cosmetics.

Typically found in temperate and tropical climates worldwide, the European white water lily is anchored with perennial rhizomes or rootstocks in the soil with round leaves and flowers floating on the water surface.

At first glance, the water lilies have beautiful flowers around the plant, making them the most attractive part. However, with a closer look at the plant itself, the water lilies have exceptional underwater factories and phytochemical. The long branched root systems have a unique number of phytochemical, the perfect addition for various hair care products.

Due to these factors, Lipoid Kosmetik developed the Water Lily Pro, a COSMOS-approved, raw material of 100% natural origin, Herbasol® Pro extract from water lily roots. Water Lily Pro contains amiphathic saponins, antioxidative flavonoids, and keratine-enforcing tannis, all perfect for daily hair care’s essentials. The water lily’s positive elements are a powerful ingredient to protect hair against pollution whilst keeping it tamed and full of volume.

Recommended Applications:

  • Hair and bath care (shampoos, conditioners and shower gels)
  • Products with an aqueous concept (masks, tonics and serums)
  • Conditioners specifically designed to protect hair against pollution
  • Anti-frizz hair care products
  • Volumising hair care products

INCI: Nymphaea Alba Root Extract, Propylene Glycol, Aqua (Water), Sorbitol