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Cosphatec: New Natural Launches



We’re excited to tell you about the three new natural ingredients from our partner, Cosphatec. 

Cosphatec is a market leader in the manufacture and sale of raw ingredients to the personal care industry. Multifunctional ingredients for the natural cosmetics sector have been their focus ever since the founding of the company in 2005.

Cosphaderm® Tapmix:
Cosphaderm® Tapmix is a natural antioxidant blend offering unique properties for optimum product protection and ease of application. Its smart composition means that this blend not only provides protection against oxidation of the fatty phase but also acts as an active ingredient to protect the membrane lipids of the skin. This is made possible by the fact that the ratio of alpha, beta-gamma and delta tocopherols is more evenly balanced than that of soybean and sunflower tocopherols.

Cosphaderm® Zinc Lactate natural:
Cosphaderm® Zinc Lactate natural is a zinc salt derived from lactic acid that can be used in many different ways and is a real problem solver. It exhibits outstanding antimicrobial properties against bacteria and yeasts. As a zinc salt, it also provides the anti-inflammatory properties that zinc is known for. It also has deodorising effects. These properties make it an ideal component for deodorants, skincare and intimate care products.

Cosphaderm® Dicapo natural:
Caprylyl glycol is a well-known and frequently used raw material for the preservation of cosmetic products. It is most popular in creams and gels, but can also be used in many other products. Cosphatec is now one of the first companies to offer this ingredient with a COSMOS certification and when caprylyl glycol is combined with natural glyceryl caprylate and natural propanediol, a truly unique blend is created.

If you’d like to request a sample, or more information, of either of the above new launches, then please get in touch and we’ll be pleased to arrange for you.