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Upcycling: A key trend within the Personal Care Industry



ProTec Ingredia, along with our partner Micro Powders, firmly believe that we should give our utmost to ensure that nothing is wasted when making personal care products. 

With that in mind, we wanted to highlight how Micro Powders use upcycling in the manufacture of their ingredients. Upcycling has quickly become a key trend within the personal care industry; it’s the process in which by-products or waste materials are used to create a useable end product. 

Fine Powders:
Naturesoft 860R

  • Ultrafine rice bran wax (Oryza sativa) powder
  • Oil binder that provides pleasant, less greasy aesthetics
  • Worldwide approval

Naturesoft 880GT

  • Ultrafine composite powder of rice bran wax (Oryza sativa) and green tea leaf extract (Camellia Sinensis)
  • Unique blend provides superior dry binding
  • Green tea is known for providing anti-irritation/inflammation
  • Worldwide approval

Naturebead R20:

  • Spherical 20 mesh rice bran wax (Oryza sativa)
  • Gentle exfoliation with light natural colour
  • Worldwide approval

Naturebead GreenTea R20

  • Spherical 20 mesh composite bead of rice bran wax (Oryza sativa) and green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis)
  • Gentle exfoliation with sage green colour
  • Worldwide approval

For more information on any of the above products or to request a sample, please get in touch.