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Focus On: Lipoid Kosmetik’s Unsaturated Phospholipids



Phospholipids are versatile raw materials that will add technical as well as physiological benefits to your formulations. Phospholipids can be used in a broad variety of product lines, such as leave-on, rinse-off, sun care or colour cosmetics products.

Phospholipids are part of the body’s own building blocks and are an essential part of our cell membranes. Therefore, they are highly biocompatible, completely biodegradable, and irritation-free, making them exceptionally suitable for sophisticated, high-end skin care products, as well as products for sensitive or damaged skin. Many of Lipoid Kosmetik’s phospholipids are based on non-GMO soy or on sunflower, and are therefore perfectly appropriate for COSMOS-approved formulations. In general, whenever a formulation needs more naturalness, tolerability and quality, phospholipids are the perfect choice.

We’ve put together two short videos below which explain the different products within the Lipoid Unsaturated Phospholipid range.

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