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ProTec Formulation Showcase: Hair Care



Welcome to our latest hair care focused formulation showcase. This edition highlights a range of formulas from our own applications laboratory, alongside some of our favourite formulations from our partners.

Here, CODIF and Innovacos will showcase their hair care active ingredients whilst Lipoid Kosmetik introduce Water Lily Pro, a substantiated extract for voluminous hair.

In our own offerings, we are excited to share more products in the Amylomer range from Gräfe Chemie. Cost-effective, easy to use, modified film-forming, starch derivatives, each one perfectly suited to different hair types. 

With the UK market seeing it first, we are proud to promote Floramac® 10 for use in surfactant products without the need for additional solubilisers or thickening agents. Developed at our lab in Nottingham, our concept shampoo’s contain 0.5% Floramac® 10. Levels of up to 1% are achievable.

Shampoo for Dry Hair 

A shampoo for dry hair with AMYLOMER™ HA CAT 75. This formulation was tested against a control formulation and shows a reduction in comb force on both wet and dry hair. Other focus ingredients include Floramac® 10 and CAPIGUARD PA.

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Shampoo for Asian Hair

Well suited for Asian hair. With AMYLOMER CAT 531 AS+, it gives a measurable improvement in combing, on both wet and dry hair. Other focus ingredients include Floramac®10 and Rice VNGR+ ®.

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Shampoo for European Hair

Formulated with AMYLOMER™ CAT 531 which is well suited for European hair and more delicate hair types. It has detangling properties and gives improved combing on wet and dry hair. Other focus ingredients include Floramac® 10 and Cider VNGR+®.

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Hair Conditioner with AMYLOMER™ HA NI

Formulated to include Floraesters K-100® a multifunctional haircare ingredient. The formulation also contains AMYLOMER™ HA-NI which works well in mask formulations. It enhances shine and definition, as well as improving wet and dry combing.

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Replenishing Hair Mask

Thank you to our friends at Innovacos for this hair mask formulation.

The active ingredient is Activoil™ Kerox-Pro™ which prevents UV-induced colour fading, protects and maintains keratin cuticle ultrastructure from UV exposure, heat damage and oxidative stress during hair dyeing.

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Soothing Shampoo

Formulated by CODIF, this shampoo contains CAPIBIOME PE to help rebalance the entire microbiota (bacteriobiota and mycobiota), soothe an irritated scalp and reduce dandruff.

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Protective Shampoo

CODIF Laboratories have developed a new active ingredient, CAPIGUARD P, capable of repairing and protecting hair against stress (external environment, chemical treatments and mechanical damage), which can change the capillary fibre.

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Urban Detox & Perfect Volume Shampoo with HerbaShield® URB and Water Lily Pro

Lipoid Kosmetik have developed WATER LILY PRO, a COSMOS-approved Herbasol® Pro extract from water lily roots. Water Lily Pro contains amphipathic saponins, antioxidative flavonoids, and keratin-enforcing tannins, a combination perfectly suited for the daily hair care routine.

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