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Oleon Health & Beauty – Jolee® Jellies Webinar



After a very successful launch at In-Cosmetics Global 2022, Oleon Health & Beauty will be conducting a webinar, where they will be explaining more about their innovative and sustainable new concept, Jolee® Jellies.

Key points include:

  • How to use Jolee® Jellies.
  • Which formulations they can be used in.
  • The advantages of using Jolee® Jellies within your formulations.

At the end of the webinar, there will be an opportunity to ask any questions, and participants will receive information on how to order a sample. 

About Jolee® Jellies: 

The Jolee® Jellies concept is an innovative green solution for waterless and transparent formulations. Jolee® Jellies offer the possibility to thicken your oil phase and play around with the viscosity of your formulation.

Date: Tuesday, June 14th

Time: 8:30 am BST & 3:00 pm BST

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