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Product Highlight: Floratech’s Floraesters Range



We are delighted to highlight to you Floratech’s Floraesters range.  

Floraesters are unique emollients derived from jojoba, a resilient, sustainable desert plant containing unique lipids with superior emolliency. Jojoba is nature’s only botanical source of liquid wax esters. Floraesters combine nature and innovation, providing hydration, strength and protection benefits to enhance cosmetic and personal care products. 

Floratech started with a small jojoba mill in the Arizona desert, where the jojoba plant is indigenous and traditionally used. Over forty years, Floratech has grown into a modern research and manufacturing centre, creating nature-derived ingredients for personal care products. A new chapter in the Floratech story began in December 2020 when they became a Cargill company complementing Cargill’s existing natural products portfolio.

Key features of Floraesters include:  

  • Available in various textures, including liquid, soft paste and hard wax. 
  • Enhances the properties of colour cosmetics by improving coverage and payout. 
  • Floraesters can extend the shelf life of finished formulations by enhancing oxidative stability, even in the presence of known oxidizers. 
  • Compatible with silicones.
  • Multifunctional. 
  • Low colour and odour profile. 
  • Non-tacky feel.
  • Globally approved.
  • Nature-derived and biodegradable.

Floraesters are clinically proven to:

  • Significantly enhance skin hydration.
  • Improve the appearance of healthy skin.
  • Improve skin barrier function and recovery.
  • Reduce skin dryness, redness and roughness.

Floraesters 15, 20, 30, 60 
Floraesters 15, 20, 30 and 60 have different melting points. They can be used singularly or in unison to create different product textures and are suitable as shea butter and petrolatum alternatives.

Key features include:

  • Occlusive.
  • Substantive.
  • Significantly increase skin hydration*.
  • Improve skin barrier recovery*. 
  • Low usage levels.
  • Non-greasy feel.
  • GMO-free.
  • COSMOS approved.

*Clinically proven

Floraesters 70 
Floraesters 70 is a hard white wax delivered as free-flowing particles for ease of addition. Floraesters 70 is extremely oxidatively stable and is an excellent vegan alternative to beeswax.

Key features include:

  • Strengthens stick products.
  • Free-flowing particles. 
  • High-oxidative stability.
  • Odourless, non-tacky nature-derived wax.
  • COSMOS approved.

Floraesters IPJ 
Floraesters IPJ is a low viscosity jojoba-derived emollient that provides a cushiony skin feel during application without leaving an oily residue. 

Key features include:

  • Allows for higher pigment loading. 
  • Improves pigment wetting. 
  • Unique soft cushiony skin feel.
  • Increases in slip and spread. 
  • Low colour and odour profile.

To find out more about Floraesters, download the brochure below or feel free to get in contact.