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Evercare – Zano® D: Natural, Transparent, Odour Control



Evercare’s Zano® D zinc oxide offers natural odour control and skin protection for transparent formulations. Zinc oxide has proven anti-inflammatory properties with skin soothing benefits, making it an effective active for underarm odour control where irritation from persistent shaving is common.

Proven efficacy of Zano® D 
Zano® D was formulated into a natural deodorant stick at 4% without skin irritating ingredients such as aluminium and zirconium salts or baking soda. This formula was tested in vivo in a clinical sniff test to evaluate odour reduction at 24 and 48 hours, showing a significant decrease in odour when assessed on a scale of 1-5 compared to the control. 

Odour neutralisation by Zano® D 
The main origin of malodour comes from the breakdown of apocrine sweat by microorganisms. The mechanism of zinc oxide is two-fold. Zano® D keeps the bacteria growth to a minimum and can scavenge odorous fatty acids secreted by axillary bacteria to neutralise malodour. 

Zano® D exhibited a reduced odour as evaluated in a clinical sniff test at 24 and 48 hours. Compared to a placebo deodorant, odour reduction was statistically significant (p-value = 0.0229) for 24 hour claims. 

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