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Cetpro TA

Cetpro TA is a synthetic derivative of the amino acid lysine. The use of tranexamic acid for cosmetic purposes was discovered by medical surgeons. In the early 1960s, Japanese research scientist Dr. Okamoto discovered that tranexamic acid has antifibrinolytic properties or, putting it simply, it helps the body form a blood clot in the injured blood vessel and stop the bleeding. For over 30 years surgeons have been using tranexamic acid to prevent bleeding during surgery and bandaging even for cancer patients and patients with severe allergies. At some point a peculiar effect came to their attention: the patients’ skin tone was becoming lighter and more even. As it turned out, tranexamic acid can erase dark spots.


Cetpro TA works in many ways at once:

• Blocks the production of melanin in the cells;
• Prevents melanin from accumulating locally;
• Dissolves the already present melanin.


INCI: Tranexamic Acid