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Lipoid Kosmetik has developed a Herbasome™ line. The objective of this project was to provide human skin with a maximum amount of moisture. Liposomes are a proven carrier of actives. Plant derived water is the pure plant essence. No additional solvents are needed.

A first series of plant derived water is encapsulated in this new type of liposome.

We have chosen Apple Water, Pear Water, Carrot Water and Coconut Water. A high quantity of liposomes and a very homogenous dispersion characterize the structure of Herbasome™. The liposomes are made solely from naturally derived ingredients.


No preservatives are needed. Furthermore, it is a self-preserving system.


• Highly moisturizing
• Preservative-free
• Self-preserving
• Ecocert conform
• Non GMO
• No alcohol
• 100% natural