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Yoghurt Protein COS GBU

Yoghurt Protein COS GBU is based on spray-dried, fermented skimmed milk which has been irradiated to eliminate microorganisms. It is sourced from Swiss cows.

There is a growing trend in personal care to use food ingredients which are perceived by consumers to be healthy. These super foods include super fruits, super vegetables and of course yoghurt which has been used for thousands of years not only as a health food but also to treat both skin and hair.

• Neutralizes combination skinpurifying, reduces size of pores
• Nourishing, smoothing, softening
• Heals skin, helps maintain pH balance of the skin
• Source of lactic acid, mild exfoliant, cleansing; source of protein for skin and hair
• Moisturizing, hydrating
• Soothing, used to treat sunburn
• Hair conditioner, regulates moisture of hair