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BioFense is a solution of fragments (Peptidoglycan (PTG) and Lipotechoic Acid (LTA) of fermented Lacobacillus.

On the skin, the pre-biotics PTG and LTA will activate toll-like receptors 2, which modifies NF-kB/IkB and release NF-kB that will translocate in the nucleus. There it will bind to the gene code for an anti-microbial peptide called beta-defensin 2. This binds to the bacteria cell and disrupts the membrane by generating holes in it and emptying out the bacterias. Killing harmful bacteria creates a healthy balanced microflora.


BioFense was tested on keratinocytes at 0.0004% and 0.018% and was found to increase beta-Defensin synthesis by 33% and 50% respectively.


BioFense was tested on individuals with acne lesions, with the size and erythema of the lesions measured. BioFense was shown to work faster than Salicylic Acid at reducing the size of the lesions and the erythema.


INCI: Lactobacillus ferment