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Cetpro PQ-11

Cetpro PQ-11 is a cationic copolymer of vinylpyrrolidone (VP) and quaternised dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate (DMAEMA). It is a 20% active film forming polymer that is used in personal care formulations because of its affinity to skin and hair. Cetpro PQ-11 is compatible with both anionic and amphoteric surfactants as well as ethanol. It is completely soluble in water, which allows it to be used in clear systems.


Cetpro PQ-11 is ideal for use in hair styling products such as mousses, gels, conditioners and sprays where a soft hold is desired.

Cetpro PQ-11 provides:

  • Soft hold and increased body
  • Non-tacky continuous film forming
  • Good curl retention and style management
  • Conditioning properties for ease of combing and detangling


Cetpro PQ-11 can be used to provide texture and body to hair in shampoos and conditioners. Cetpro PQ-11 can also be used in skin care applications such as bath and shower gels, shaving preparations and body lotions. Typical use levels are 2-10%.