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Cetpro Thix SASATAC

Cetpro Thix SASATAC is a water dispersion polymer which when added to water gives a very pseudoplastic viscoelastic solution with a highly lubricious feel. It excels in the presence of AHAs and salts, where most thickening agents fail.


Cetpro Thix SASATAC is the perfect rheology modifier to use where many thickeners do not perform. The pH and electrolyte tolerance leads to novel opportunities, including high-AHA content gels and creams. The skin and hair feel is highly lubricious and the unique rheological properties of Cetpro Thix SASATAC lead to novel tactile and structural effects across many areas of Personal Care.


  • Unique rheology modifier.
  • Imparts excellent and novel textural effects.
  • Highly lubricious
  • High tolerance to electrolytes.
  • Compatible with non-ionic surfactants.
  • Wide pH range, including excellent performance in acidic conditions.
  • Excellent clarity.
  • Easy to use.