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Pheohydrane is a complex of the mico algae Chlorella Vulgaris and hydrolysed algin in a sea water base.

Tested extensively, Pheohydrane has been proven to offer sustained moisturisation (i.e. prolonged hydration improvements over long periods of time) and restructuring of the NMF and hydrolipidic film. Pheohydrane also has proven substantivity to the hair, offering conditioning and hydrating effects for both skincare and haircare.

Pheohydrane G is ECOCERT certified

INCI: Hydrolysed Algin (and) Chlorella vulgaris (and) Maris Aqua

Grades available:
Pheohydrane: Standard grade preserved with parabens
Pheohydrane P: Preserved with Phenoxyethanol
Pheohydrane G: Unpreserved (50% Glycerine)