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NanoDeliveryHA is a brand new delivery system based
on nanofibres of a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid,
inheriting all of its benefits. Moreover, the nanofibre structure
helps with even more effective penetration to the skin
and is loadable with other active ingredients.

NanoDeliveryHA ultrapure mask:
Highly active masks with no preservatives are perfect for beauty
salons as a part of a luxury treatment. The nanofiber layer is supported
by advanced textiles for easier application. We have chosen 6 best
fitting shapes for the parts of the face with the most problematic
wrinkles. We also offer patches applicable on any part of the face.

NanoDeliveryHA ultrapure serum:
Instant serum combines the highest concentration of actives in a form of
pure nanofibres without supporting textile. It consists of no preservatives
nor stabilizers and can be packed in a blister. The nanofiber materials
have higher surface-to-weight ratio enabling fast dissolving in water and
deep penetration of actives into the skin. The final concentration of actives
depends on the amount of added water. Less the water, higher the final
concentration of hyaluronic acid and actives.