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Wheat Herbaprotein

Wheat Herbaprotein is a high purity wheat protein hydrolysate in powder form. The multi-functional cosmetic raw material offers attractive functional and technical properties:

  • Source of essential amino acids and conditioning peptides: nourishing, repairing, film-forming
  • Substantive to hair: conditioning and repair effects
  • Reduction of surfactant irritancy: improves skin and eye tolerability of surfactants
  • Foam boosting: Thickens and stabilizes foam, which is especially important when formulating natural or mild products
  • Free radical scavenging and skin component protection: anti-ageing, defence against environmental stress

Lipoid Kosmetik’s Wheat Herbaprotein is 100% plant-derived and shows an impressive multi-functionality. Hence, Wheat

Herbaprotein can be used in a multitude of applications ranging from skin to hair care as well as bath and shower applications.


INCI: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein