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Introducing – Cargill Beauty



In December 2020, through acquisition, Floratech became a Cargill company. Having worked with Floratech for many years, we are excited that Cargill has chosen us as their UK and Ireland partner for the entire Cargill Beauty Range.

Alongside the Floratech range, Cargill Beauty’s portfolio consists of texturisers, emollients, emulsifiers and sensory enhancers, ideal for developing nature-derived products for skincare, haircare, colour cosmetics and oral care.

Cargill Beauty is passionate about sustainability and environmental impact. 

Cargill Beauty uses nature-derived ingredients. In recent years they have made a range of commitments to develop and maintain a responsible and sustainable supply chain. These are:

For more information or to view Cargill Beauty’s product range, please look out for our upcoming detailed product emails, get in contact or click here.

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