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Welcome to our in-cosmetics 2022; what’s new email.

After two years of virtual exhibitions and online meetings, we are excited to be attending in-cosmetics again in person. We are exhibiting in Paris and you can find us on Stand T58,where we will be promoting our Cetpro range. 

Our team will be on hand to talk you through the new launches, introduce you to our partners and discuss any upcoming projects.  

In anticipation of the show, please find below what our partners will be showcasing this year.


ProTec Botanica 
– T58
ProTec Botanica will be launching their new fragrance range, florentis, a portfolio of fragrances for several industries and applications. florentis has been created and developed based on ProTec Botanica’s comprehensive market knowledge and experience, insight and trend research, creativity and imagination, and understanding of regulatory and compliance.


CODIF Technologie Naturelle – C90
Codif will be highlighting their brand new active ingredient, Idaskin, which reboots the skin’s resilience systems to overcome everyday exposure to environmental factors. They will also be showcasing their recently released Vitasmoothy, a powerful active ingredient that plumps the skin by increasing its water reserves.


Barnet Products
Barnet Products will be highlighting their new superfood complex, OxiBlock-SF. Comprised of upcycled olives and ethically sourced kale sprouts, Oxi-Block is perfect for combatting Oxi-inflamm-ageing.


Worlée-Chemie GmbH – C110
WorléeMicromer Eco 200/10 a natural vegan film former (NOI of 0.99) and dispersing agent. Manufactured by an eco-efficient process. 
WorléeOpac Eco 10 is a natural opacifier for rinse-off products. 

Don’t forget to visit the rest of our partners:

Contipro: NEW LAUNCH + DATA – E30
Exclusive reveal at in-cosmetics, Contriprowill be launching and showing the results of Delcore + Cannabidiol, aCBD encapsulated with alpha-tocopherol in hyaluronic acid based polymeric micelles, HA-OIL, a dispersion of hydrophobized hyaluronic acid in oil and Zinnerine, ananti-acne zinc hexapeptide complex.

Cosphatec GmbH – F90
Come along to Cosphatec’s booth to be one of the first to see their three new products at in-cosmetics 2022.

EFP Biotek – Q150
EPF Biotek will also be launching new products at in-cosmetics 2022.

Innovacos: NEW DATA – R138
Innovacos will be revealing the results of some new efficacy tests. Exciting new data is available for Regenesea LS, Bioptimized Guava, Plant C Stem Vigna Radiata, GinsenoLite G and Activoil Echnidium. 

Cargill Beauty – H60
We are looking forward to visiting Cargill Beauty’s stand, which will be divided into stations, each dedicated to a botanical source. Here, you can discover all about the ingredients and receive formulation examples.

Lipoid Kosmetik AG – K110
Lipoid Kosmetik AG will be focusing on their 100% natural, vegan active ingredient, PhytoCollagen and for volumising haircare Water Lily Pro.

Micro Powders, Inc. – D80
Micro Powders will highlight the following 100% natural ingredients, Naturebead Aqua R10, Naturebead Seafoam C10, Naturesoft 860S and Microcare 350S.

Oat Cosmetics – U90
The Oat Cosmetics team are excited to present their latest studies and data on AvenaPLex, a powerful oat active, and Glucaveen, an efficacious and unique haircare active, made up of hydrating oat beta-glucans, protective starches, and moisturising amino acids.

Oleon Health & Beauty – R140
Oleon Health & Beauty will be highlighting their Jolee range, in particular Jolee Jellies, a system for replacing high and low viscosity silicone oils. They are also sharing their work in optimising their production processes to minimise energy and environmental impacts. 

If you have any questions about anything you have seen, please do get in contact.

We look forward to seeing you in Paris.