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Oat Cosmetics – New Scalp Microbiome Data for Glucaveen!



We are excited to share new microbiome data for Oat Cosmetics’ hair active, Glucaveen.

Glucaveen is a powerful and unique oat active designed for healthier hair. The oat powder is characterised by a rich profile of hydrating beta-glucans, protective starches and moisturising amino acids.


A study was performed using 1% Glucaveen to analyse its effect on the scalp’s microbiome. 

1% Glucaveen significantly decreased Malassezia furfur growth by 25% after 72 hours.

Additional benefits of Glucaveen:

  • Glucaveen increases hair moisture by 14%. 
  • Increases hair strength by 15%.
  • Protects, repairs and strengthens damaged hair caused by thermal aggressors. 
  • Glucaveen protects against hair breakage.
  • Non-irritant proved by an HRIPT test.

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