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Barnet Products – AcquaCell

We are excited to present one of our favourite natural moisturisers, AcquaCell from Barnet Products. AcquaCell is a natural complex of watermelon rind extract, lentil fruit extract and apple extract in an optimised delivery system. AcquaCell works instantly, reducing wrinkles fast as it delivers water to the upper layers of the skin. Key highlights include:… Continue reading Barnet Products – AcquaCell

Lipoid Kosmetik AG – New Product Launch: PhytoCollagen ?

We are thrilled to present Lipoid Kosmetik’s new, 100% natural plant-based collagen alternative, PhytoCollagen.  PhytoCollagen is a unique, COSMOS-certified, vegan and sustainable collagen alternative sourced from the acacia tree.  Key highlights include:  Plant-based, sustainable collagen alternative. Preferred collagen source and functional equivalent. Improvement of structural and age-related skin metrics (anti-ageing).  Proven efficacy for skin hydration, barrier function and… Continue reading Lipoid Kosmetik AG – New Product Launch: PhytoCollagen ?

Innovacos: Activoil Echnidium ZRO for Skin Barrier Function

We are excited to tell you that an article about Activoil Echnidium ZRO was issued in the November 2021 edition of Personal Care Magazine. The article focuses on the importance of the Skin Barrier concerning new global hygiene habits. A short extract of the article reads: “As a compromised skin barrier is also a source… Continue reading Innovacos: Activoil Echnidium ZRO for Skin Barrier Function


We’re highlighting two of CODIF’s skin enhancing ingredients; DERMOSCULPT and SAMPHIRA OIL BIOACTIVE, both of which have encouraging results to help support mature skin.  You can find out more about each product below: DERMOSCULPT DERMOSCULPT is extracted from Chlorella Vulgaris, highly concentrated in vegetal proteins, it contains the full range of amino acids, including the 8… Continue reading CODIF: DERMOSCULPT & SAMPHIRA OIL BIOACTIVE